We offer several types of booth spaces for vendors offering ready-to-eat lunch options. Vendors do not need to be a registered food service, however they do need to comply with public health regulations and complete an application for a temporary food license. A $100 meal option fee applies to all booths selling a ready-to-eat meal option and a $50 concession option fee applies to all booths selling snack options. Vendors selling food other than that intended to be an on-site meal should visit the Artisan page for information.

Standard space
Standard spaces measure 12’x12’. They are open areas on the ground and do not include any tables or shelter. Vendors booking this space may provide their own shelter and tables or book tables additionally. Vendors wishing to park their vehicles next to their space will need to book this additionally.


Tent space
Tent spaces measure 10’x10’ and include shelter under a large party tent along with other vendors. No tables are included with this space. Vendors may provide their own tables or book them additionally. No items are to be hung from, taped to, or in any other way attached to the tent.


Table space
Table spaces include one table and are the size of that same table. These spaces are small and are intended for vendors with only a few items. Tables spaces are setup next to each other to form a continuous row. No shelter is included with these spaces and there is no option for vendors to bring their own shelter or add additional tables to these spaces. Tables in the table space areas are not to be moved or rearranged from their position. Vendors requiring a chair must provide their own.

Onsite vehicle parking *new*
As all trailer spaces are now in the F section of the yard, no regular ‘trailer spaces’ will be available in sections A-E. Rather, these spaces should be booked as standard spaces and the option for Onsite Vehicle Parking can be added to your space.

Food vendors
Food vendors Vendors selling any type of snack, concession, or meal option will require additional forms and permissions and will be designated to the B section of the yard. Please see our Spring 2020 space descriptions for more information.


Access to electrical outlets is available on a limited basis. Electrical access is only available in the B section of the yard. Vendors booking electrical sites must provide their own power cords; 100’ is recommended.

Standard space $40

Tent space $75

Meal serving option $100

Concession option $50

Park vehicle at site $20

Additional tables $10

Electrical $15

Our Location

5 km south of Hague.

Watch for signs at Hague and Neuanlage on the sale day. 

Contact Us

TEL: 306-203-3523  


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