Artisan booths

We offer several types of booth spaces for vendors selling handmade items, crafts, vintage/used items, baking, vegetables and other items. Vendors wishing to sell ready-to-eat lunch options should contact us to discuss options. Please note that catalog, direct-sale, commercial and rep brands are not accepted.

Standard space
Standard spaces measure 12’x12’. They are open areas on the ground and do not include any tables or shelter. Vendors booking this space may provide their own shelter and tables or book tables additionally. Vendors wishing to park their vehicles next to their space will need to book on site parking additionally.

Fee: $40     Sections: A, C, E, F

Table space
Table spaces include one table and are the size of that same table. These spaces are small and are intended for vendors with only a few items. Tables spaces are setup next to each other to form a continuous row. No shelter is included with these spaces and there is no option for vendors to bring their own shelter or add additional tables to these spaces. Tables in the table space areas are not to be moved or rearranged from their position. Vendors requiring a chair must provide their own.


Fee: $40     Sections: C

Trailer space 
Trailer spaces measure 20’x40’ and are intended for vendors wanting to park a trailer. Trailer spaces are designed to be pull-through sites with customer access from both of the 20’ sides. Trailer spaces are located in our new F section of the yard (previous vendor parking area). No shelter or tables are included with this space. Vendors may provide their own shelter and tables or book tables additionally.

Fee: $80     Sections: G

Vendors Selling Food Items

Vendors selling any item intended for human consumption (ie. baking, canning, snacks, concessions, treats, etc.) will be required to complete an Appendix III food form after general registration. 

Vendors wishing to have a food stand with a ready-to-eat lunch option should see Concessions page for more information and contact us to discuss options before completing a general registration form. 

Vendors Selling Animals

Vendors selling an animals must book a standard space and will be designated to the E section of the yard.  

Optional Space Add-ons 
Onsite Vehicle Parking: This allows you to park your vehicle within your booked space. All vendor vehicles not booked with this option will be parked off the sale yard in the designated vendor parking area. 

Fee: $20     Sections: F


Tables: 8 foot wood folding tables are available to add to any standard space or trailer space booking. Vendors may book up to 3 tables. Tables cannot be added to table space bookings. Vendors may provide their own tables in place of booking this add-on.    

Fee: $10     Sections: All

Electrical Access: Access to electrical outlets is only available in the B section of the yard and only for concessions. Vendors booking electrical sites must provide their own power cords; 100’ is recommended.

Fee: $15     Sections: B

Standard space $40

Table space $40

Trailer space $80

Additional tables $10

Electrical $15

On site parking $20